Adding a power button and status LEDs to you Raspberry Pi

2022-06-24 (6 minutes read)
How I added a power button, a power status LED and an activity LED to the MP-1 Rack Raspberry Pi module without running any software on it.

Building the MP-1 Rack collection: a modular racking system

2022-06-20 (5 minutes read)
How I built the MP-1 Rack collection, a modular racking system based on the DAP Audio MP-1 19" 2U rack frame to house my ZimaBoards and Raspberry Pis.

Announcing BerryOS: a lightweight OS for your Raspberry Pi

2022-05-30 (6 minutes read)
BerryOS is a lightweight operating system for your Raspberry Pi available for both armhf and arm64 Raspberry Pis and configurable using cloud-init.